Participating in Jessup is, indeed, one of the valuable experiences law students can do. If you are interested in becoming a part of relentless Jessup journeys as an Azerbaijani law student or a team of Azerbaijani law students, read some highlights below which will describe how to start, select and register a team.

I. Starting and selecting a team

You can participate in the Jessup Competition with your team. One team represents one university. Teams participating in Jessup mostly are formed by law students (with exceptions set out in the Jessup Rules). If you want to participate in Jessup, you should make sure that (1) your university does not already have another team and (2) if there is no another team at your university, you have to have at least two law students to form a team.

In order to make sure that there is no another team from your university, you can contact your faculty/school administration and/or admin. If your school/faculty has no another team, go ahead and work with faculty administration and raise a team which may consist of 2 to 5 law students. Bear in mind that only one team can register to represent your university. If there are more than five students who want to be part of the team, it is recommended to contact faculty administration and preferably team advisor(s) to determine who should be in the team.

For better results in the future, it is recommended to have team adviser(s) or coach(s).  Team advisers usually are being lawyers or scholars who are familiar with Jessup and international law.

II. Registering a team

Registration through Jessup website is necessary to compete in Jessup. If you have a team ready to participate in Jessup, you can go ahead and register your team. Registration for the 2019 Jessup opens on September 5, 2018.

As a matter of formality, you need to pay the registration fee ($200) after registration. However, if you cannot afford the fee because of a valid reason, you can apply for the fee waiver, which is designed to help teams as yours. Being the first team from your university to participate in Jessup may even help you to get the full fee waiver.

If more than one team registers from a country, national qualifying rounds are being held for determining which university is going to represent the country in international rounds of Jessup.

All done? No!

All these are technical issues and should not be confused with actual preparation for the Competition, which is more crucial. The 2019 Jessup Problem will be released next month. Teams will have to research, write, and submit applicant and respondent memorials in January 2019. For general information about preparation for Jessup, see Jessup Guide available at the International Law Students Association website.

Any questions?

If you have a trouble with forming a team or registration, feel free to contact us by email ( or call us at +994 50 281 1969. The site admin would be happy to help you with these issues.


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