Problem: The Case Concerning the Helian Hyacinth (State of Adawa v. Republic of Rasasa)


In 2020, three teams made Azerbaijani rounds possible: Academy of Public Administration, Academy of State Customs Committee, and Baku State University (champion). Academy of Public Administration came back to the competition after 15 years and was entitled to participate in the international rounds as an exhibition team. Sadly, the 2020 Jessup international rounds were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Academy of Public Administration team members were  Amil Jafarguliyev, Chinara Mammadzadeh, Fatima Eyyub, and Samira Safarova. Fidan Alakbarova coached the team. The APA team photo:


Academy of State Customs Committee team members were Aliya Mammadhasanzade, Elvin Gazakhov, Imamverdi Novruzlu, Zeyneb Babayeva. Murad Alizade and Gunel Mammadzade coached the team.


Elnara Yusibova, Elvin Karimli, Kanan Khalilov, Saida Kazimova, and Sonakhanim Gaybaliyeva were members of the Baku State University team.  Raghavi Viswanath coached the team.


There were 12 judges of the rounds coming from five different locations of the world.


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